Enter renovations with new doors

Since we’re talking about staging and getting your home feng shui-ready for the new year, I thought I’d share a tip I got from the folks at Sears.

Did you know that a new entry door is one of the fastest, easiest and least expensive home improvements you can make? If you’re thinking of selling your home, this element is key to adding to its curb appeal.

It sounds odd, but a door does make an impression. Remember the house in Kaimuki that was completely remodeled on the inside, but still looked old on the outside? I cautiously opened the squeaky, old screen door, thinking I had the wrong open house.

On the flip side, when I entered that fabulous $36 million house in Kailua with the custom-designed, 600-pound door, I thought it was so incredible that I took a photo of it. Several others did, too, and you will see that woven wooden door on a surprising number of facebook pages.

When replacing your entry door, don’t be tied down by the traditional door swinging on the hinges. Consider adding sidelights (the slim stationary glass panels next to the door opening) or if you have a double door, replacing two with one extra-wide door and sidelights to fill in the space. To allow the outside in—with light and giving others a hint of what lies beyond it—you may try including decorative glass in your door design. Create a custom glass design for a new look, or just a bit of glass for a touch of beauty. If a glass door makes you feel too exposed, consider etched glass, with all of the benefits of glass and also privacy from the outside.

Of course, it’s not only about the look of your exterior; it’s also about a door that provides security, peace of mind, and energy efficiency. You can even get ENERGY STAR-rated custom entry doors, now, to really go green. New entry doors require little to no maintenance, so don’t worry about chipping or peeling paint, or constant upkeep, either.

Whatever you decide, you’ll find that an appropriate door will be essential in the sales process to create a warm welcome to guests in your home.