Eleven (Plus 1) Cocktails For Every Astrological Sign

(Sponsored) From fiery Aries to mysterious Scorpio, here’s what to order at the swanky new hideaway in Foodland Farms Ala Moana.


Eleven Foodland Cocktails Hed



Sometimes the best secrets are hidden in plain sight. You wouldn’t expect to find a swanky, modern cocktail bar inside a Foodland, but the new Eleven—tucked away just past checkout at Foodland Farms Ala Moana—is just that. At this elegantly modern and cozy lounge, cocktails and an extensive whiskey selection take the main stage, accompanied by sumptuous small plates featuring locally sourced produce, fresh seafood and inspired desserts.


Sweet? Spicy? Complex? It’s not easy to know where to start with the unique and surprising cocktails on Eleven’s menu. Our suggestion: Give it a whirl using your astrological sun sign, which reputedly governs personality traits—and, surprisingly, may have a bearing on what kind of cocktails you like.


Here’s our cheat sheet for navigating Eleven’s menu by way of the stars, although we recommend them all to find your favorite!



As esoteric as you enjoy being, a Sazerac with one of the excellent rye whiskies on Eleven’s menu, (if you want to be historically accurate, you can also go with a cognac), should be right up your alley. Reminiscent of smoky rooms and mysterious bohemian hangouts, the official cocktail of New Orleans adds a wash of absinthe to get its unique flavor and potency.


Eleen Foodland Pandanimal





Complex, sweet, and magical—just like you!—the milky green Pandanimal must be a sign, Pisces. A unique house concoction made with Flor de Caña 4-year rum, Avuá Amburana Cachaça, house-made pandan and coconut elixir, Giffard Crème de Cacao, Giffard Orgeat, and fresh pineapple juice, this fragrant, tropical, freshly imagined cocktail pushes the boundaries of fantasy.



Fiery Aries loves something with a bite. Try the Kakaʻako Mule, a fresh take on the Moscow Mule with Wheatly Vodka, fresh cantaloupe and pineapple juice, serrano chili and ginger beer for something direct and bold, just like you.


Eleven Foodland Islay To London Martini

Islay to London Martini.




What is life without enjoyment of the finer things? For down-to-earth bulls, we recommend the sophisticated Islay to London Martini. It combines Tanqueray No. 10 London Dry Gin with a Laphroaig 10-year scotch wash for a surprisingly balanced, headstrong experience.


Eleven Foodland 400 Rabbits

400 Rabbits.




As complex and changeable as your sign, the surprising 400 Rabbits is the experience we recommend for you. A personal small-batch recipe of Corporate Mixologist Matt Rosskof, this remarkable libation is an intriguing golden color, made with top-shelf Tequila Fortaleza, yellow chartreuse, cacao liqueur, fresh orange and lime juice, clarified goat’s milk and rooibos tea.  Sip it once, it tastes like the finest tequila, with smooth, creamy notes of goat’s milk. Let it sit a while and sip again, and it’ll taste like chocolate. Describing this one to your friends may be as satisfying an experience as drinking it.


Eleven Foodland Hemmingway Daquiri

Hemmingway Daquiri.




For sweet, nostalgic Cancer, we recommend the timeless, classic Hemingway Daiquiri. Named after the writer Ernest Hemingway, himself a Cancer sign, the flavor profile of this cocktail is balanced, sweet and citrusy, with fresh lime and grapefruit juice, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur for brightness and a wash of Kōloa Rum. Just think of a tropical bar full of laughter and dancing, where everyone knows your name.


Eleven Foodland Old Fashioned

Oak-smoked Old Fashioned.




Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. For you, we recommend a bold and confident oak-smoked Old Fashioned made with Four Roses Small Batch, or any whiskey from Eleven’s impressive selection. (Insider tip: You can get any whiskey, straight spirit and several of the cocktails on the menu prepared smoked. Go ahead, pull rank, Leo.)



A cocktail has to be just so to please you, but we think the floral, subtle and perfectly balanced Negroni Bianco might do the trick. It’s made with top-shelf Piùcinque Italian gin, herb-forward Salers Gentiane Aperitif, and Carpano Vermouth Bianco, for a crystal-clear concoction that looks unassuming, yet has layers of flavor to analyze and appreciate.



You’re simultaneously extroverted and introverted, charming and empathetic, much like our recommendation for you: The Pale Rosé (2020), a characteristic rosé wine from Provence, France. Transparent and pink in color, it’s elegant and expressive, both inside and out, with subtle, fruity notes.


Eleven Foodland Vieux Carre

Vieux Carre.




A dark, mysterious, and often misunderstood sign, full of complexity and hidden secrets, you’ll probably enjoy the Vieux Carre, an unforgettable classic cocktail from New Orleans, first invented in the 1930s. Eleven’s version uses Angel’s Envy Bourbon, Benedictine, Carpano Antica and fine Cognac Park Fins Bois, with Peychaud’s and Angostura bitters for a drink that’s potent and sweet, bitter and smooth.



Adventurous, exploratory Sagittarius will appreciate the Ce Soir Ou Jamais (the French translates to “Tonight or Never”), a sophisticated cocktail made with St. George Dry Rye Gin, Carpano Bianco, and Cognac Park VS Apricot Liqueur. Sweet and balanced, it’s an experience that leads well into other new experiences.



While Capricorns may be responsible, mature, pragmatic perfectionists, with an ambition that demands and deserves respect, you also work hard. Relax with the simple, refreshing, classic Horse’s Neck cocktail, made at Eleven with Bentwing Brandy, ginger ale, Angostura and lemon bitters. Originally a non-alcoholic drink dating back to the 1890s, the signature of a Horse’s Neck is the lemon peel which swirls precisely inside the glass, slowly infusing the cocktail with a citrusy kick as you drink it.


Eleven at Foodland Ala Moana; 1450 Ala Moana Blvd.; (808) 949-5044; elevenhnl.com. Open Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday: 4 to 11 p.m.; Friday and Saturday: 4 p.m. to midnight.