Eiwa Confectionery Brings Delectable Sweets & Savory Snacks to O‘ahu

(Sponsored) During its three-day event, the Japan-based brand will offer special free samples.

Japan-based brand Eiwa Confectionery Co., Ltd. brings O‘ahu the Japan Sweet Fair, where locals will have the opportunity to sample and purchase some of the brand's best-loved treats at Tamura's Market in Wahiawa (Friday) and ABC Store, by Centerstage at Ala Moana Center (Saturday & Sunday).


Friday, Feb. 10

10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Tamura’s Market, 440 Kilani Ave., Wahiawa

Saturday, Feb. 11

10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

ABC Store, Ala Moana Center Centerstage

Sunday, Feb. 12

10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

ABC Store, Ala Moana Center Centerstage

Here's a sweet sneak peek of what to expect.


Hello Kitty Marshmallows

Photos: Courtesy of Eiwa Confectionery Co., LTD.


Hello Kitty Marshmallows

These adorably-packaged Hello Kitty marshmallows are just as good as they look and come in chocolate, mango, pineapple and matcha flavors.


Japan Savory Crackers


Savory Crackers & Biscuits

Traditional favorites, such as senbei and other rice crackers, will be offered alongside modern treats, including black-sesame biscuits and chocolate corn star crackers.


Japan Novelty Candy


Novelty Candy Toys

Some assembly required—and that's just how we like it! These unique products are part-candy, part toy, and are some of Eiwa's most popular items. Check out these tutorials for the Moko Moko Wash DIY Washing Machine and the DIY Pretty Hair Salon.


Japan Big Thunder and Black Thunder


Black Thunder & Big Thunder

Though you may have never heard of it, Black Thunder is considered Japan's no. 1-selling chocolate cookie bar and manufacturer Yuraku's most popular item. A chocolate bar with crushed plain and cocoa biscuits, covered in milk chocolate, this treat can be found in almost any major convenience store in Japan.

Big Thunder, created by the same company, is a cocoa biscuit covered in milk chocolate formed to be easily split for sharing. It's so popular that, in 2014, it sold out a number of times in Taiwan.