Effortless Fashion for Hot Summer Days

Jaxsea Kimonos’ effortless summer line.


It’s summer, yo, and that means our stuffy-dressing bandwidth is hovering around zero right about now. Getting gussied up is so not appealing to us lazy babes during these hot June days, so we’ve got our eyes peeled for easy-as-can-be when it comes to our wardrobes. We’re talking no more zipping or wrapping or tying or buttoning, with preferably only one step required: Throw on.


Enter the latest line from Jaxsea Kimonos, a brand with a team that totally gets you. Designer Jacquelyn Wallace named the collection Island Fever and released the pieces on the first official day of summer, just in time for the bevy of miniskirts, swimsuits and daisy dukes that will be keeping our bods hot and cool for the next three months. Wallace’s story behind the collection gives us all the feels: It’s inspired by her own mixed emotions that come from living on an island for years and absorbing the culture and beauty, while simultaneously feeling that bittersweet tinge of missing friends and family on the Mainland.


There’s nothing bitter about Wallace’s stylish creations, though. Her breezy, couldn't-be-easier kimonos especially shine in these sweltering days, with cuts that are both flowy and flirty all at once. You’ll find pops of tropics-appropriate hues, and also edgier, more muted neutrals in smudged, painterly patterns, trendy palm prints and fierce florals. Toss these style saviors over your suit post-dip, or add airy charm to a pair of palazzo pants and get ready to while the season away.


Summer lovin’? We're way ahead of you.


$86–$129, jaxsea.com