Editor's Picks: Best of 2009

Theoretically, I love equally all the stories we’ve published this year. But, between you and me, these were some of my favorites:

Manoa Valley Theatre technical director Benjamin Mackrell builds a set piece for an upcoming production.

Photo: Rae Huo

“Behind the Curtain,” Jan. 2009
Meet the people who work behind the scenes in Honolulu’s art and entertainment venues.

“Stop the Fear,” Take Action, Mar. 2009
One of two pieces we did to help readers cope with the then-emergent recession.

“Art in a Storm,” Mar. 2009
The other feature from March focused on the recession. This one developed into a terrific roundtable discussion aired on Hawai‘i Public Radio.

“The H-1 Lullaby,” Mar. 2009
Lovely thoughts on motherhood and infancy.

“Undocumented,” Apr. 2009
The state of illegal immigration in Hawaii.

“Do Teachers Make the Grade?,” May 2009
Do good teachers make a difference? We think so. Conversely, so do bad ones. While you’re there, don’t miss the sidebar, “Gaming the System,” in which we catch the DOE changing its internal measures in order to get more favorable results.

Photo: Rae Huo

“Passion of Collecting,” July 2009
In which humorist Charles Memminger explores the quirky world of collectors.

“50 Moments of Statehood,” Aug. 2009
Celebrations were muted for the 50th anniversary of statehood, but HONOLULU Magazine thought the occasion deserved some introspection.   

“Who is Robert Lee?,” Oct. 2009
One of my favorite stories of the decade, and not just the year. Robert Lee is the most common name in the Oahu phone book. So we called him—well, them; all of them, to find out what it’s like to be Robert Lee.

“Getting Away With It?,” Nov. 2009
We’d been hearing about a backlog of unserved arrest warrants numbering in the tens of thousands, for years. Finally, we just had to ask officials, what is the problem?