Editor’s Picks: 7 Gifts We’re Giving This Christmas

Here’s a peek at our Christmas list this year—just keep it on the down-low.


We may shop and style for our bread and butter, but even we make no secret of the fact that we, too, get stumped finding The Perfect Gift. Which means when we do hit the nutcracker right on the nose, we can’t contain our excitement. And we want to share the success—even if it means letting the reindeer out of the bag.

Here are a few gifts our editors can’t wait to give this year. In fact, we’re so stoked that we’re releasing this totally classified info before the big day. Go ahead and steal some of our ideas—only make sure you keep mum until the main event on Thursday.  

Just call us your secret Santa.

1. From: Ambika Castle, digital media manager
To: Her friend from the Mainland
You can’t send your friends abroad the tropical sunshine for Christmas, but send them some Hawai‘i love with these cool, casual Esky Flavor trucker hats. Ambika’s friend fell in love with the trucker hat Island trend on her last visit. $34, San Lorenzo, Ala Moana Center

2. From: Diane Lee, web producer
To: Herself
Need to bop around to events all over Honolulu while staying locked in to your email? Diane’s gifting herself the perfect tool: this versatile, adorable phone holder, which keeps your cell handy in the car—or basically anywhere.  $11.99, thecontainerstore.com

3. From: Martha Cheng, food and dining editor
To: Her surfer pal
For a dedicated surfer like Martha and her pals, more gear is always welcome. She’s going the stylish route with these new boardshorts from the just-released Hurley and Sig Zane collab. $55, hurley.com

4. From: Katrina Valcourt, associate editor
To: Her BFF
Katrina’s pal lives on the East Coast now, so any time she flies home for the holidays or a for quick visit, it's a loooong flight. This travel pillow is super squishy, and you can use it whenever, not just when you're flying. And who doesn't love penguins? $34.36, amazon.com

5. From: Brie Thalmann, managing fashion editor
To: Her wanderlusting, photophile friend
This cool photo book, called Tiny Tokyo, is filled with tilt-shift-style photos of Tokyo, a technique that has the effect of making all of the buildings and street scenes seem like tiny toy models. It's wonderfully charming and makes you want to dust your passport off and explore. $14.95, chroniclebooks.com

6. From: Natalie Schack, Lei Chic associate editor
To: Her favorite baker bud
Talk about a stylishly rustic way to tote pie creations from place to place. The Piebox is perfect for baker friends and, hey—if you give them this, maybe you’ll get lucky and they’ll bring their next masterpiece to your house. $35, on back order at thegrommet.com

7. From: Stacey Makiya, senior fashion editor
To: Her daughter
This cute lime teepee has loads of playtime potential—set it up in your kid’s room and suddenly bedtime is an adventure, or bring it to the beach for a fun way to stay out of the sun. $69.98, samsclub.com