Editor’s Page: Fun Times

Ever wonder about all the effort and money we put into planning our kids’ parties?

For fun, I did a few unofficial calculations. A typical two-kid household hosts an average of 36 “kid-friendly” parties in a lifetime. Three will be extra-special events celebrating a baby’s first year, a teenager’s sweet 16 and a you’re-off-to-college graduation party. Let’s assume you spend double the amount you would for two out of the three big parties ($1,000 each) and $500 for all subsequent events. Your cash investment: $20,000.

What about the time you invest in planning every detail? Preplanning: guest list, invitations, purchasing crafts, decorations, booking entertainment and buying/ordering food (five to six hours). Executing: cleaning the house, decorating, setting up games/entertainment, cooking, etc. (six to seven hours). Hosting: running every detail of the show (two to three hours). Your time and energy investment: 468 to 576 hours. This may seem like a lot of time, money and energy to spend on balloons, jumpy houses, cakes and a house full of screaming kids, but what are you getting in return? Without sounding too cheesy, how about a lifetime of precious moments your family will cherish forever? As MasterCard would say, the cost: priceless. My advice? Start planning now and look for ways to save money. Book your location and/or entertainment early and scour the Internet for sales and deals. Need a little inspiration?

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It’s almost time to get dressed up and go trick or treating. Have a spooktacular and safe Halloween.