Eat Well at Home

I’m adding Home Bar and Grill to my list of great eats.

After squeezing into Home Bar and Grill’s small parking lot, I watched as obvious regulars walked from work and into the bar—it was pau hana time. A dive bar off Kalakaua Avenue, the place was busy with a male to female ratio of about 20 to 2. My friend and I were the two. But, after taste-testing the food menu, it was apparent why the bar was so popular. The food is cheap and tastes on par with Kanpai (the kitchen team used to work there, read more here.) We ordered the house favorites, and settled in to eat the large plates of pupu. For drinks, take a cue from the men and stick to beer. 

The name of this dish was enough to make me want to try it: “Because Chris ‘The Situation’ Tai Wanted It Tater ‘Nachos’" with sour cream, jalapeños, olives, nacho cheese and salsa.” ($9) Chris Tai is one of the owners of Home Bar and Grill.

Photos: Courtesy Soni Kohut


Fried rice is fried rice, but Big John’s Spicy Kim Chee Fried Rice ($10) is a delicious bowl of spicy goodness.


This 12-ounce, Kim Chee Steak ($17) sizzles—literally.