Easy Bake

www.leichic.com Remember just a couple months ago, when you were furiously slice-and-baking your “homemade” cookies to take to the neighbor’s holiday open house? Or those Safeway specials you arranged on a plate and said they were your own?

If you start now, your inner Martha Stewart could be ready to come out for Christmas 2008.

Kapiolani Community College’s continuing education program has a brand new series of Saturday morning baking classes to help you master baking breads; biscuits, scones, and muffins; and yes, cookies. Taught by pastry arts instructor Dan Wetter, a former hotel pastry chef, the classes are a la carte: sign up for one or all three and learn the tricks of the trade for turning out homemade goodies that taste even better than Mom used to make.

The first class, on baking breads, is this Saturday, February 16.  Others are scheduled throughout March, April and May. The best part? You’ll leave the class with some take home treats.

Now who’s a smart cookie?

Baking classes (through the continuing education program) with Pastry Arts Instructor Chef Dan Wetter, Kapiolani Community College . These new classes are not yet on the KCC website. For course details, call KCC non-credit coordinator Frank Gonzalez at 734-9441 or email frankg@hawaii.edu