Easy As 1, 2, Lychee

www.leichic.comYour name isn’t Mister Sun Cho Lee, but it is May, which means you’re about to get plenty…lychee. When you get plenty lychee, why not give to me?

From May through September (give or take) share the fruits of the season with your friends, and we’re not talking just dropping bags off at the door. Make a batch of these divine lychee martinis—the best we’ve tasted—because now the recipe is yours, (unless you’re under 21—then we no give to you).

The All Lychee Martini
Serves One

– 1 ½ shots of Kai Rice Vodka
– ¼ shot of Soho Lychee Liqueur (more or less as you sweeten to taste)
– Lychee juice, fresh or from the can

1. Shake juice and liquor in a shaker with ice, or if multiplying the amount, stir vigorously in a very large container.

2. Pour into super chilled glass

3. Adorn with a skewer, handful, or tubful of fresh lychee

When you run out, head over to Fujimamas Kona, the creator of this dynamite elixir, and ask the bartender to make you one, stat.

Fujimamas, 75-5719 Ali‘i Drive, Kailua-Kona. 808.327.2125