Earring Aid

Lei Chic
You: I can’t believe they’re charging that much for those earrings. I could totally make those myself.

Voice of Reason: Tell that to the half-knitted scarf, abandoned needlepoint kit and one-sleeved baby sweater stuffed in that box in the back of your closet.

OK, so maybe you're more of a don't-it-your-selfer than anything else. Lucky for you, the gals over at Wings Hawaii, the Maui company whose beachy clothing and sassy Honi Honi bikinis you already know and love, have created the ultimate jewelry line for the DIY-challenged.

Their new Interchangeable Charm Earring line allows you to mix-and-match metal hoops and a variety of pretty charms to create your perfect pair—no hard work (or follow through) required.

The teardrop hoops are made of eco-friendly reclaimed sterling silver and 14K gold wire, and the charms range from dainty semi-precious stones to speckled cone and miter shells from Maui's beaches, and even coral branches. Tiny openings at the top of each hoop allow the charms to easily slide on and off in just seconds, making them ideal for changing things up on the fly.

So you can leave the crafts to the crafty.
And focus on your own charms.

Wings Hawaii Interchangeable Charm Earrings are available on Maui at the Wings Hawaii boutique, 71 Baldwin Avenue, Paia, 808.579.3110, on Oahu at Olive Boutique, 43 Kihapai Street, Kailua, 808.263.9919, and online here.