Dry and Mighty

You're all for getting wet 'n wild, but as for your expensive electronics, not so much. Getting your gadgets anywhere near water used to be a big H2No. But with these cool waterproof accessories, you'll stay high and dry.

Lei ChicSwim with your iPod
Take your tunes along while you swim laps or snorkel, or just keep you iPod protected while you hang out at the water’s edge. The iPod cover and waterproof headphones from H2O Audio have a supertight seal that keeps all water out and the scroll wheel is still fully functional underwater. At Rip Curl store, Ala Moana Center, or online at  www.h20audio.com.

Lei ChicKeep Your Phone Dry
No more plastic baggies or leaving the phone in the car when you head to the beach. The Aquapac phone cover lets you make calls, send texts and even snap pictures while your phone is safe inside the sealed plastic pouch. The volume and signal are unaffected, and it will float if dropped in the water, and stay safely dry at depths up to 15 feet. Online at www.aquapac.net 


Lei ChicTake underwater photos
Snap snorkeling pictures and fearlessly take photos at the beach or pool with the Fujifilm Finepix WPZ camera. It repels water and sand, and takes video clips and clear photos in water up to 10 feet deep. At Ritz Camera, Ala Moana Center.



Lei ChicCapture water sports action
Want to replay the excitement of surf session? The Digital Hero 5 waterproof camera is mounted on a wristband so you can take action photos in the water. It attaches to a paddle or to a surfboard and will take up to 56 minutes of video as well as still photos. At Rip Curl Ala Moana Center or online at www.goprocamera.com