Drunken Kisses


Don't you sometimes wish the Mad Men era of two-martini lunches didn't end long before you were born? In those days, getting liquored at lunch with your best clients was business as usual.

Now, the only acceptable way to let a hint of a cocktail pass your lips before noon is with Liquoricious Lip Balms from Woodapples Essentials.

Made from a yummy blend of flavored and essential oils, the smooth, moisturizing balms taste and smell just like your favorite sweetened shots and fruity mixed drinks.

Like the Fuzzy Navel Lip Balm, a juicy concoction of orange and peach flavors that will put you in the mood to party well before pau hana. Or the tropical Mai Tai Lip Balm, whose combination of rum, lime and orange flavors can transform your afternoon slump into a breezy trip to the beach in a single swipe. For those who prefer drinks of a crisper variety, there’s even a Mint Julip Lip Balm, complete with refreshing hints of sugar and mint. 

Plus their zero percent alcohol content means you'll get that same happy hour feel with no downside.

Call it wishful drinking.

Available online at woodapple.etsy.com.