Drink Up, Prohibition Ended 81 Years Ago

Celebrate the end of Prohibition with specials from these alcohol-slinging joints.
Pint and Jigger's specials: the Mayan Hook, deviled Scotch eggs and the Talventi.
Photos: Courtesy Pint and Jigger


Of all the U.S. constitutional amendments, our favorite (doesn’t everyone have one?) is the 21st—aka the repeal of Prohibition. It’s the 81st anniversary of that intoxicating day this Friday, Dec. 5, so we’d like to propose a toast: Here’s to drinking. Because we can.


Head down to these Honolulu bars and restaurants for the best Repeal Day specials around town. (This page will be updated as more bars join the lineup.)


Pint and Jigger

The biggest Repeal Day celebration, the Roaring Repeal Day Party, pays homage to its Prohibition-era roots by only letting in patrons who know the secret password (don’t worry, it’ll be posted on Pint and Jigger’s Facebook page this Friday). Owner and bar manager Dave Newman will unveil a menu of eight new cocktails that bartenders have been perfecting for months, including the Mayan Hook ($11), a mezcal twist on a Redhook featuring Rittenhouse, Del Maquey Vida, Punt e Mes and Luxardo, and the Talventi ($10), which is a combination of rye whiskey, Campari and cold-brew coffee, topped with house vanilla cream. There will also be food specials, such as a deviled Scotch egg ($9), baked penne alla vodka ($11), a tomato soup grilled cheese ($11) and more. Come dressed in your favorite ’20s attire.

1936 S. King St., 744-9593.


12th Ave Grill

Bar manager Mike Hall is celebrating the end of Prohibition with The Last Word ($9), a gin-based cocktail to end all cocktails. In it you’ll taste sweet and spicy green Chartreuse and maraschino liqueur.

1120 12th Ave., 732-9469.


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