Drew Kid on the Block

ImageOnce upon a time, there was a girl named Dodilyla whose world was rather flat. She looked great on paper, but spent most of her time boxed up at home.

Then one day, 13-year-old Jaelene Robley decided to add a new cast of characters to Dodilyla’s world. So after school, she grabbed a pen and drew on inspiration from her family and friends to create an entire team of chic chicks.

There’s Mitsy – a curly-haired, kimono-clad beauty based on Jaelene’s grandmother Mitsuko. ImageKanani – the hula dancer who’s graceful movement mimick Jaelene’s older sister. Lana – the fearless astronaut always travels into space with her heart-adorned helmet. Ayano reflects the gracefulness of Japanese dancers with her chopstick updo, Zozo makes a splash with her hot pink swim cap and orange goggles, and sweet Nancy travels with flowers and a smile for everyone.

Everyday after classes at Pearl City Highlands Intermediate, Jaelene plays with her colorful girls Image– adding them to adorable onesies, notepads and calendars. Almost every weekend, Jaelene , her family, and the entire cute crew travel to craft fairs to sell their playful adult tees, car decals, and soon-to-arrive cosmetic bags.

Onesies start at five dollars. T-shirts top out at $15 and all of the 8th grader’s creations come in a range of characters and colors for everyone in the kingdom.

Making it easy for you to give, happily, ever after.

Find Dodilyla at tomorrow’s Season’s Best Craft Fair at Aliiolani Elementary School, 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. Or find more information on Dodilyla’s website.