Dressed to Chill


It was love at first sight: cute, easygoing, fun during the day, and dressed up well for nights out too.

Yep, that silk dress was your BFF for a solid few weeks. Until you got hit with the dry cleaning bill.

Introduce yourself to the new spring dresses from Calypso, a line created on the Caribbean island of St. Barts by designer Christiane Celle.

The silk dresses, tops and accessories work perfectly on this island too. They come in vivid colors and have details like pleats and seaming that make each style elegant and breezy at the same time.

New colors and styles arrive today and tomorrow at Dolce boutique in Ward Center, the only shop on O‘ahu to carry the Calypso collection. Try on the Loreal wrap style, which works for a mosey around the farmers market, or to wear out to dinner. Or check out the Kimberly, a braided-neckline style that looks as stylish with slippers as with metallic wedges or strappy sandals.

The best part? They’re all washable, by hand or on the gentle cycle.
Which means your wardrobe budget won’t get taken to the cleaners.

Calypso dresses are available at Dolce boutique in Ward Center (next to Mocha Java café), 808.596.9436