Dress Up Your Plants in These Cute, Upcycled Fabric Planters

Charming fabric planters from Sax Sacks.



OK, don’t get fired up. Trust us: The only thing being let go is that poor excuse for a planter you’ve got on the sill. Suffice it to say, we've found something way more qualified when it comes to giving your window ledge a dose of style.


You should probably put these cute little shrub hubs from Sax Sacks to work perking up your abode ASAP. The bag-style planter is a go-to method for storing greenery in Australia, but these little guys have a unique Island element, thanks to designer and entrepreneurJessica Onetti. Onetti, who is co-founder of Onda Pasta and part of the Paiko team, opts for an old-Hawai‘i, ecofriendly feel by utilizing upcycled fabrics, sourcing old mu‘umu‘u and aloha shirts, and losing herself in the rich history that thrift stores and vintage textiles offer. 


The result is an eclectic, organic look with pops of color and eye-catching patterns. Heiman’s great at spotting the planter potential in old apparel, such as brilliant watercolor magenta on a discarded Volcom dress or a cheery yellow floral print on an otherwise-matronly shift. Pop in a succulent or fern and you've just turned your shelf into a vision of earthy and handcrafted charm. Heiman started making sacks in February and demand has already got her eyeing expansion. Keep your eye out for new collections in the near future, including a neutral line that showcases vintage crochet work and a potential collab made with hand-dyed indigo fabrics. In any event, your plants will be in good company.


You can see why we got fired up, right?


$18-$50, Paiko, 675 Auahi St.