Dreaming of a Write Christmas

Holiday Photo Attempt 1 – You: double chin. Him: blinking.
Holiday Photo Attempt 2 – You: blinking. Him: yelling at the football game on tv.
Holiday Photo Attempt 3 – Large dog blur running at the camera.

Clearly, getting that Christmas picture is anything but a snap.

Stop being a poser. Send your season’s greetings in stylish cards that are always letter perfect.

Lei Chic 
Silent Bright 
The inside is blank, but the colorful Iiwi bird, interwoven hibiscus flower print, and playful mynah bird designs shout the Christmas spirit. And don't miss the brand new New Year card featuring an elegant die-cut dragon over a Chinese-red scale pattern.
$8 for a 3-pack on Mozaic's website or various stores including Owens & Co., Sugarcane Shop, and South Shore Paperie.

Lei Chic
Winter Impressions 
Skip the typical aloha looks for Bradley & Lily's simple but sweet sentiments of "Mele Kalikimaka" and "warm wishes" letterpress-printed on heavy linen cardstock. This year you won't have to wait for Stacey Nomura's custom designs;  you can grab them to go at her new store.
Mention "Lei Chic" for a special $2.50 price per card (regularly $3.75 each). Available at South Shore Paperie, Kilohana Square at 1016 Kapahulu Ave.

Lei Chic
Silver and Bold 
Traditional Christmas images get a technicolor twist in Kawaihae Card's holiday collection.  Former visual merchandiser Nancy Botticelli electronically pumps up photographs, adding a rich red background to a macadamia nut wreath and redoing ornaments in a vibrant fuschia.
$6 each with free shipping. Available on Kawaihae Card's website.

Lei Chic

Help Your Elf
Every greeting has a storybook beginning with Rifle Paper Co.'s charming illustrations of jolly old St. Nick and other seasonal favorites that will make anyone feel like a kid again.
$4 each online or in various locations including Owens & Co ($18.95 for a set of 8).

Lei Chic

On Prancers and Vixens
Show them they're simply darling with Papyrus' whimsical glamour girl done up tree style or do the Christmas waltz with finger puppets perfect for your own holiday plays.
Christmas girl card is $5.95, finger puppet card is $6.95 at Papyrus online or at Ala Moana Center.