Down the Style

Lei ChicI was dying for a girls’ night out.

It’s been three years and one little one since my wedded bliss began. And as much as I love my family, I couldn’t wait to trade in my mommy-stained shirt for mojitos and cute guy candy (hey, I’m not dead).

So I wasn’t thrilled when my new ring-sporting girlfriend decided to start with a few wedding errands. I wasn’t exactly kicking and screaming (believe me, I know what that’s like) when she took us to The Wedding Café, but I just wanted to nod a few times at whatever floral arrangements she was gushing over this week and get out.

Lei ChicThen I spotted some cool woven leather belts across the way in Eden in Love. I wandered over and soon got hooked on a beachy pair of locally made sea glass and pearl earrings, snapped up a cute clutch, and finally I fell head over heels for a pair of boots I’d been craving since I saw them across a crowded Wedding Café Workshop.

By the time we all cashed out happy hour was over. Fortunately the girl at the register had an amazing idea. Five minutes and one very familiar escalator ride later we were blissfully snacking on tasty tidbits and desserts from some of Hawaii’s caterers at The Wedding Café’s Cake, Cocktail, and Catering Trends workshop. And to toast our recent shopping success, tasty mixed drinks dreamed up by Imbibe Hawaii.

Lei Chic That’s when sweet inspiration hit. I started gathering business cards for a big, family-friendly anniversary bash that would give me a reason to wear my new Eden in Love party dress.

That’s a real fairy retail ending.

The Cake, Cocktail, and Catering Trends workshop is next Thursday at 6:30 p.m. Sign up on The Wedding Café’s website where you can also watch videos of past workshops, or check out the latest deals at Eden in Love on its facebook page.