Double Dutch

Lei Chic First there was Stefan’s horrible car accident…a body was never found! Was it evil millionaire Ernesto’s doing? And will Stefan remember his wife Ginger, who’s now taken up with Ernesto? If it’s not amnesia, then it’s a double life!

A week in bed with the flu is seriously messing with your sanity. Time for you to turn off the soaps and indulge in a distraction that’s high drama minus the cheese—Dutch Jewelry.

Kaneohe-raised jewelry designer and photographer Ijfke Ridgley takes found items and refashions them into new designs. Which is cool, as the world turns to all things green and eco-friendly. And since the pieces are made by her young and restless hands, every last one is unique.

Dripping with gold-covered shells, pearls, vintage pendants and plastic beads, her blingy baubles have more intrigue than an evil twin plotline.

You’ll love the swingy Girly Punk Necklace which pairs pink ribbon, braided fabric and chunky metal chains with dainty semi-precious stones and a black flower brooch. And the Gold Multi-Charm Bracelet, strung with whimsical whale tail and swordfish charms, is sure to be subject of a love triangle or two.

Once again, the melodramatic music swells in your feverish head.
You really needed something bold and beautiful.

Dutch jewelry is available online at