Dog Grooming Made Easy in Honolulu

The life of Oahu’s dog owners just got easier with the opening of a new business, The Grateful Dog. But you don’t have to show up wearing a peace-sign necklace: The Grateful Dog is a self-service dog wash machine.

The K9000 machine is the “Cadillac of dog washes,” says Scott Eden, who owns the machine with business partner Jack Sanders. “It’s got a button you can hit to disinfect from the previous user, a hot water tank so there’s nice warm water for the rinse, you can choose a de-flea shampoo and there’s even a special conditioner.” Select from several blow-dry options, says Eden. (Click here to see more on the K9000.)

Eden is the owner of two Pomeranian dogs. “I’d have to get down on my knees to wash them in the bathtub; I’d then I’d have to clean out the whole tub.” He saw the self-service dog wash machine while traveling, and thought it was a great idea.

A K9000 dog wash costs $12 and the machine takes bills, coins and credit cards. Eden says he may, in the future, team with human dog groomers to offer additional services, such as nail trimming and pooch hair styling.

The Grateful Dog is located in front of The Pet Stop on Bougainville Drive, and has its grand opening Saturday, Feb. 13. As a Valentine’s themed “Love Your Dog,” promotion, the company is giving away dog washes to pet owners who make a contribution to the Hawaii Humane Society at the opening event. It will be open seven days a week after that.