Do The Write Thing

Hawaii Calligraphy launches

Your Ds get mistaken for Zs. Your Es end up looking like kanji. And your Ws—wait, that wasn’t a smudge on the edge of the paper?

That scribble you call handwriting might pass in your day-to-day, but when the occasion counts, you may want to enlist a real penmanship pro like Kelsey Nishi.

Nishi already has the creative thing down to a "T" as the mind behind Padma and Pickles, a handcrafted jewelry line. But her love for letters inspired her to expand her business by putting pen to paper.

Now, she’s also the nom behind the plume of Hawaii Calligraphy, a full-service calligraphic studio that launched this month, which specializes in modern lettering designs for invitations, art, business cards, wedding sets and more.

Nishi's sweeping styles range from the tight, playful Warm Cloves to the open, billowy Arizona, perfect for cute greeting cards. Want your wedding to look like it’s written in the stars? Go with the aptly named Gorgeous, which features elegant flourishes. Or, make a note of the childlike Wes-Andersonian Skyscrapers for something whimsical to hang on your wall.

So put down that pencil. Your handwritten chickenscratch is officially out of print.

You can see more of Nishi’s work at the Hawaii Calligraphy Instagram account. Visit for pricing info and a gallery of styles, or call 277-4000.