DIY Décor: How to Make Your Very Own Mini-Living Wall For Your Home

We asked living wall experts Greg Lee and Terri Rios-Lee to explain how to make a mini-living wall at home.
Video: David Croxford


  • Living Wall
    Photos: David Croxford

    Orchid trays

  • Lawn staples

  • Drainage socks sold by the roll or by the foot to keep dirt from going into drains

  • Male electric adapters

  • Zip ties

  • Wood screws

  • Plants

  • Optional: drip hose to water the completed system


We got all of this at City Mill—enough for a mini-tropical wall and a mini-edible wall—for $116.


Step 1:

Living Wall

Attach male electrical adapters to four corners of the orchid tray to create space between the plant base and the wall where it will hang.


Step 2:

Living Wall

Cut 6-inch lengths of the drainage sock material, and seal the pockets at one end with a zip tie, leaving a little room to tuck fertilizer into the pocket.


Step 3:

Living Wall

Select 4-inch potted plants that fit into the orchid tray, pulling them out of their pots and into the pockets.


Step 4:

Arrange the plants in the pockets into the grid until you like how they look together, putting plants that trail or hang (like ivy) toward the bottom. Stop when it looks full; you don’t have to fill all the spaces.


Step 5:

Living Wall Lawn staples

Tap the lawn staples through the tray and the plant pockets and into the soil to secure.


Step 6:

Living Wall

Water the plants, use wood screws to attach the tray to a board and hang up. (Some people run an irrigation hose through a length of drainage sock at the top of the tray. Others take the tray down to soak with water, then let it dry before hanging it back up.)