Dine and Trash

www.leichic.comMartha types might bust out the china even for a casual get together, but you’ll entertain anyone with paper plates to avoid washing dishes. You’ve even been known to eat straight from the container – as long as no one’s around to call you tacky or uncivilized.

Find middle ground between elegance and convenience with Bambu’s line of hand-produced, hardwood bamboo dishes.

The line’s been available online for a couple years, but the long-lasting, durable serving trays, salad bowls, cutting boards, and uniquely colored lacquer bowls are now stocked on-island at Whole Foods.

Bambu also makes a chic version of disposable dinnerware, called Veneerware, made from organic, sustainably harvested bamboo (owners Rachel and Jeff live in China and personally oversee production). The plates and serving trays won’t bend or buckle under a full load of curry and rice, and the pupu sporks, forks and knives don’t snap in two.

When everyone is pau eating, forget the cleaning and drying – just toss in the rubbish and keep the party going. And in 4 to 6 months the Veneerware completely biodegrades without a trace.

Convenient and simple.
And not at all trashy.

Bambu is available at Whole Foods in Kahala Mall, 4211 Waialae Ave., Honolulu, 808.738.0820.