Diamond-Studded Jewelry From the Fighting Eel Team

We are totally drunk in love with this pretty, minimalist line.


Good evening, sir. Can we get you anything to drink? A flute of bubbly, perhaps? A hot toddy? Or, if you’re in the holiday mood, perhaps some spiced eggnog?


You say you’re grabbing a glass for the lady—and she’d prefer something a bit stronger … on the style side, that is? I think we’ve got just the libation you’re looking for, if you like your Christmas spirits on ice. It’s totally refreshing and of a tried-and-true vintage that’s a hit with our female clientele: We’re talking about ROLA, the new diamond collection from Rona Bennett and Lan Chung of Fighting Eel and Ava Sky that hit the menu last week.


These ladies are raising the bar with this set of dainty, layerable jewelry that celebrates every woman’s favorite ingredient—diamonds. Think pave diamonds set over sleek triangle- and V-shaped pendants, lariat-style chains and serpentine bracelets that send a trail of sparkling gems up your wrists. And talk about the perfect garnish: We’re totally drunk in love with an on-trend snake ear-crawler and minimal, double-crescent necklace that will be the Maraschino-cherry-on-top of all our holiday ensembles. Plus, top-shelf details—including solid 14K yellow gold, 14K rose gold and topaz—pair perfectly with the classic girl’s best friend in this Old-Fashioned-meets-modern collection.


Prices are pretty premium, ranging from $200 to a cool $1,500, but, with Christmas coming up soon, you’re probably looking to serve up something special for your lady. Just put it on your holiday tab.


After all, this is the season to look chic, drink and be merry, right? Cheers to that.


Available at all Fighting Eel locations, including 1122 Bethel St.