Designer Jana Higa Quit Her Day Job to Spread Her Brand’s Wings

Bluebird Jewelry has a new website, fresh designs and new retailers.


Confession: We’re not the best birdwatchers. If we’re not tripping over tree trunks and causing a ruckus, we’re scaring the birds in other ways (hey, someone should have told us to turn our cell phones off). Not to mention, spotting those little things through the trees is next to impossible.

When it comes to spotting a sweet deal or cute look, however, we’ve got 20/20 vision all the way. We first caught sight of Bluebird Jewelry last year, when designer Jana Higa was just starting to build her brand’s nest with her first retailer, Mikinola. Since then, Bluebird Jewelry has grown from hatchling to swan, ramping up business, expanding production and delving into new designs. In fact, this year, Higa quit her day job to pursue her bliss and dove into jewelry-making full-time. Talk about an inspirational story worth chirping about!


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Higa has been working hard finding new roosts for her pieces—which include a range of both minimal metal as well as semi-precious-stone-heavy pieces—quadrupling her retailers as of last winter. Now you can shop for Bluebird Jewelry in 'Ōhelo Road, Eden in Love and La Muse, as well as her online store, which opened last month. Higa is always busy stocking up on new pieces, such as her most recent design in an of-the-moment lariat style, which sports pretty gems and a trendy tassel.

All we can say is, we’re glad we kept our eyes on this chick.