Decorative bottles from Lanikai Home & Style

Dreamy in a Bottle

Lei Chic

Your crazy college days taught you all about the hazards of hitting the bottle. Today, we want to teach you about the benefits.

So take out your books and turn to Lanikai Home & Style's latest home accessory: fun painted glass bottles that can be used as vases or decorations.

Look closely, and you'll realize these are the same bottles you knew in college (and, most likely, still keep in touch with today.) Jose. Patron. The occasional Grand Marnier. You'll also find a Perrier or two.

But, thanks to design assistant Laurel Bruce, they've been made over with a fresh coat of paint, revealing all the ridges and details of the bottles' original design – embossed stamps, deer heads, even hieroglyphics. The result is a beautiful accent to any table or shelf.

Lei Chic

The 26-year-old interior design major got the idea off Pinterest and, after collecting bottles from a few Kailua bars, soaking them in soapy water and scrubbing the labels off, went through several trials and errors to perfect the painting process.

If you'd like a bottle that can hold flowers and water, look for ones that Bruce spray painted on the outside only, or used oil-based paint to coat the interior (tip: the surface will feel super smooth when you run your finger along it). Otherwise, any bottle is fair game.

Each one comes with a name tag and some even sport decorative accents draped around their necks, like a seashell or a crystal taken from an antique chandelier.

So feel free to pick up one, or several, on your next visit. They look great in clusters.

And don't worry. Unlike the originals, you won't regret them the next day.

$12-25, available at Lanikai Home & Style, 171-D Hamakua Dr., (808) 261-5681.