Deal With It

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So, here’s the deal: you’re not really shopping much these days, unless you find a serious bargain.

Before you head out into the shopping wilds, though, check out these sites for discounts at local stores and restaurants.

Find printable coupons for everything from combo meals at Teddy’s Bigger Burgers to auto repair, dry cleaning, and pet grooming at Not every offer on the site is a real bargain, so you’ll have to spend a little time looking for deals you’ll actually use.

Click over to the Half Off Deals site and enter your zip code to find local businesses offering gift certificates at 50 percent off. The site has offers from Sweet Nothings sugar-free bakery and Makana Beauty and Aesthetics Academy, plus a decent list of other spas, restaurants and services.

The local E-Coupons Hawai‘i also has printable deals from a number of local shops, restaurants, and spas. A quick search will turn up coupons from top spas like Heaven on Earth, restaurants like Chai’s Island Bistro, Umeke Market and Epic, and even a coupon for a free week at 24 Hour Fitness.

Two new sites have recently launched to offer deals, and have a couple offers worth a quick click over. At Qmania you’ll have to there are lots of deals, but finding the real bargains, like one from Valerie Joseph boutique, takes a bit of searching. Locally run site SaleSnitch is a roundup listing of sales all over the island. The site is new so the list is still building, but worth keeping an eye on.