Deal in a duplex

One of the open houses that caught my eye this week, at least on paper, was a listing for a single family home in Pauoa for just $300,000. Was this for real? A home in town for so little?

It’s actually not bad, but it might not be for everyone. (Click here for details.) Upon closer inspection, the home is actually a duplex—the property has one owner at the moment, but there are two living units. Unit A is still occupied (for now), but B is for sale.

The home was built in 1924 and sits on a quiet spot off Pauoa Rd. with other longtime residents. It was renovated in 2010 and earlier this year, so the interior is bright and clean.

“We were surprised when we first went in,” says realtor Cynthia Murphy. “It looks pretty good and stable.”

The living area is just 520 square feet and comprises two bedrooms and one bathroom. The bonus for this place, though, is the extra 460-square-foot basement, which was also renovated. It doesn’t have enough height to be a living area, but it could serve as a playroom, storage, or den.

Money talk: $300,000 fee simple
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