Dark Side Of The Spoon


Watching what you eat is no fun. Wouldn’t you rather just enjoy tasty food without worrying what’s in it?


Then you’ll love Formaggio Grill’s new Monday night Dining in the Dark dinner, where you have a meal without ever seeing what you’re eating. Guests are blindfolded when they arrive, led to the private Gallery Room, and seated for a four-course meal and wine pairing.

The idea is to sample each dish without the benefit of looking at it, so that your other senses tell you what you’re tasting. You’ll smell the aromas of the foods, and chew slowly to really savor the flavors in each bite.

Relying on your other senses helps you enjoy wines too. Before you sip, you’ll take a few more minutes to smell the nose, and taste for fruits or minerals. Without knowing whether it’s red or white, you’ll appreciate how the wine’s flavors actually complement the food.

Similar “dark dining” events have been happening on the mainland for five years or so. Owner Wes Zane says his local version has so far been a fun experiment – at one dinner a guest gave up on using the knife and fork altogether and ate the entire meal with his hands. But most are surprised how easy it is to eat without seeing.

You might just love being blind and dined.

Dining in the Dark happens every Monday at 7 p.m. at Formaggio Grill, 305 Hahani St., Kailua, 808.263.2633. Cost is $75 per person, plus tax and gratuity, for a four-course meal including wine pairings. Reservations required. Click here for more information.