Dare to Speak Hawaiian

Flash cards make it easy to learn positive phrases in Hawaiian.


Actions Of Aloha

Photo: Courtesy of Actions of Aloha


Learning a culture’s language is one thing; putting its principles into practice is another. In Hawai‘i, that’s where ‘A‘a i ka ‘Ōlelo Cards come in.


A partnership between Actions of Aloha, a charitable business founded by DTL Hawai‘i, and E Ho‘opili Mai, a free digital language-learning resource, this deck of 52 cards features Hawaiian phrases, translated into English, that promote positivity, compassion and aloha.


Aloha wau iā ‘oe: I love you.

I lā maika‘i iā ‘oe: Have a nice day.

Ha‘aheo au iā ‘oe: I’m proud of you.


“We hope to contribute to the revitalization and normalization of ‘ōlelo Hawai‘i. Every ‘aloha’ and phrase makes an impact,” says DTL’s Kaiani Kiaha, “and we believe our ‘A‘a i ka ‘Ōlelo Cards are the perfect place to start.”


‘A‘a i ka ‘Ōlelo: Dare to speak Hawaiian. Proceeds will be donated to ‘Aha Pūnana Leo. Actions of Aloha also offers two other decks that suggest positive things you can do for one another, originally created in March 2020 as a social media challenge in response to the pandemic.


actionsofaloha.com, @actionsofaloha



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