D.I.Y. Signage Ideas That Will Add a Ton to Your Aesthetic

Use your words—literally.
Wedding Signs


Say it right, guys. Herding hundreds of people to your events isn’t as simple as it sounds. Sure, you know the venue like the back of your hand, but that’s because you’ve been in nuptial mode for months. Aunt Wendy? Not so much.


Not only is signage super useful for pointing clueless guests in the right direction, but it can also add gorgeous elements of décor that set the theme. We’re fans of anything that can pull double duty, so we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite sign beauties to give you some inspiration when you’re gettin’ the wedding word out.


Deck the walls

Go for a fun phrase or saying scrawled onto a thematically appropriate visual piece: a gilded mirror for an elegant wedding, for example, or weathered wooden planks at a rustic soirée. Kudos if your phrase plays into the look as well. (Ocean-inspired poetry for a nautical wedding, maybe? French phrases for your fairy-tale gala?) Hang signs near the dance floor or lounge, at the check-in table or around the ceremony setup.


Lost boys

Wedding sign

Meet our favorite sign: the directional. If you’re opting for a huge estate of a venue where a guest could get a bit turned around, or parceling the day’s events—from cocktails to dancing—into different locations, these bad boys are lifesavers. Guest won’t be left wondering where to go next, and these crafty, easy-to-make pieces add an element of charm.


Tell all

Second-place winner on the list of useful signs? The how-to. Anything even semicomplicated or out of the ordinary deserves some explanation, such as that post-kiss lavender toss you’ve got planned, any time you want guests to “take one” of anything, social media hashtags, or a D.I.Y. bar of any kind, from baked potatoes to boutonnieres.


First impressions

Wedding sign
Photo: Amber Schoniwitz of Schyne Photography

Get people excited about the event by welcoming them first thing with a lovely work-of-art sign. Some hugely trending options: calligraphy on everything, minimal pieces sporting the couple’s names and wedding date, and cheery chalkboard doodles.


Mouth off

The food—and sweets!—is many an attendee’s favorite part of the festivities. Highlight your painstakingly curated macarons, spring rolls or poke selection with handy placards that give your buffet an air of professionalism. This is especially helpful if you’re going the extra mile and setting a theme to your food setup, with personalized cocktail names that represent your story, family-favorite recipes, or favorite dishes from you and your hubs-to-be.


The name game

Rep your new status as Mr. and Mrs. with pride! Chunky block letters or bunting are some of the many ways you can use your new last name (or initials) to spruce of the space.


Be cheeky

We love witty extras with sassy or clever sayings, like adorable “here come the bride” signs held by your flower girls, fun takes on the “His” and “Hers” chair signs (“Lady” and “The Tramp” gave us the giggles) and sweetheart table sayings that will have guests alternately chuckling and aww-ing. (Who wouldn’t love “You had me at aloha”?)