D.I.Y. Day: Succulent Ornaments with Paiko’s Tamara Rigney

Who’s dreaming of a green Christmas? We are.


Four malls, hundreds of rabid, last-minute shoppers, a couple of scrapes and one serious road rage incident later—and your Christmas shopping is finally done. You’re ready for a glass of eggnog and some self-spoiling time.


Normally we’d be all, “Treat yourself and check out this awesomesauce new **local product** by **local designer** that’s got us all *O* rn!”, but we know that if you see one more online store, clothing rack or credit card right now you’re going to explode into snowflakes. We get it: You need a break.


How about a gentle D.I.Y. project to while away the time? Personalize your décor with this super easy and ultra festive handmade ornament idea from Paiko’s botanical master, Tamara Rigney. These rustic kokedama balls are just the thing to give your Christmas tree a trendy, garden-inspired little twist that’s totally unique.


This season, we’re goin’ green.



What you need:


1. succulent plug (when roots are protected and bound with small masses of soil)

2. fresh or dried green moss

3. thin fishing line

4. ribbon or jute for a bow




1. Water your succulent plug (this will make sure it lasts through Christmas).

2. Make a nest out of a handful of moss and nestle the succulent plug inside.

3. Use your fishing line to secure the moss into a ball. Keep wrapping until symmetrical, and secure with a knot at the base of the plant. Knot again to form a loop for hanging.

4. Finish it off with a bow.

5. Enjoy through the holidays. If you want to keep the ball intact, it will last for a few months—just water it about every two weeks and place in a bright but not too hot place.

6. Don’t throw out your succulent with your tree! To make your little guy last indefinitely, deconstruct the ball and plant your succulent in succulent soil mix.


You can find everything at Paiko. Too much eggnog got you feeling lazy? Completed ones are $8. 675 Auahi St.