D.I.Y. Day: Beat The Heat With A Homemade Cocktail Party

Because we say “boo” to summer and record-high temperatures.


Everyone’s barely making it through the summer, thanks to record-high heats across the board. With temps like that, we can barely manage to drag ourselves to a spot in front of the AC, much less plan activities with friends outside in the hot, hot world, and we are starting to get cabin fever.


Our solution? We’re bringing all our favorite stylish ways to beat heat the together for a fun-in-spite-of-the-sun cocktail party. We’re throwing in enough ways to chill out and making sure to think light, pretty and fruity for everything, whether it’s décor, drinks, food or dress.


Pretty cool, right?


1. Wear This

This airy, white, sleeveless romper is the closest we can get to being naked while still “appropriately” dressed. Plus, the wide shorts are ideal for catching the tiniest bit of breeze that manages to struggle through this humidity.


2. Wear This

Just because you’re sweating into a miserable puddle doesn’t mean you can’t look cute doing it. These shades from Mikinola are all, “Back, ye sun!” and “I’m way fierce” at the same time.


3. Make This

The rice in this cold pack will hold the cold well, while some lovely essential oils and herbs give it an aromatherapy kick we love. Pick the prettiest summertime prints for your fabrics, and pass them out as “party favors” (we like to call them lifesavers). See the tutorial here.


4. Make This

Stay hydrated, people! The sun is basically trying to kill us all (fact), so it’s important to keep fighting back with lots of ice-cold water. Use distilled water and edible flowers to create decorative, crystal-clear ice cubes for your ever-present glasses of H20. Just think of them as incentives to keep chugging. Edible flowers, $5.99, Whole Foods, Kāhala Mall.


5. Make This

These gold-leaf glasses instantly turn a chilled beverage-imbibing-session into—voilà!—a party. Plus, that gold scheme never goes out of style. Break ’em out again during Christmas fetes, or toast Champagne in them on New Year’s Eve. Find out how here.


6. Apply This

Spritz this blend of aloe vera, mint and lavender on your skin after a bout in the blazing sun for some cooling, hydrating relief. You’ll be able to survive being away from the fan for an entire afternoon of socializing much more easily. (Refrigerate for an extra chill and pass it around if you’re feeling generous.)


7. Eat This

What’s more fun than popsicles? Spiked popsicles. Give these childhood favorites a naughty twist with some fresh watermelon, mint and watermelon-flavored vodka. Mmm: refreshing and boozy.


8. Eat This

Legend has it that spicy foods, such as chili pepper, can help cool you down (thanks to perspiration). Hot meets cold in all the right ways with this mango-and-chili-pepper ice recipe. You should basically just be existing off of frozen foods right now. And, finally, a use for all those mangoes that are in season!


9. Drink This

Keep your cocktails light and fruity and leave the heavy, milky concoctions for a day that’s below 90 degrees. Here are a couple of make-at-home recipes from Hard Rock Café’s new mason jar cocktails, perfect for outdoor sip fests.


Back Porch Tea: Muddle four basil leaves, two mint sprigs, a lemon wedge and cucumber syrup, then add one ounce each of light rum and lemonade with one half ounce each of gin and elderflower liqueur.


Summer Fizz: Muddle one ounce of black-cherry-infused syrup, one half ounce lime juice and four raspberries, then add one-and-a-half ounces of light rum and one half ounce of orange liqueur.