Cute cottage in Kaimuki

You know a house has a certain charm when even guys say it’s cute. I was about to pan this cottage in Kaimuki at $578,000 until we took a look at it. (Click here for details.)

It’s 45 years old and has just 698 square feet of living area, but there’s a 150-square-foot covered lanai and a large yard. In fact, the large community picnic area has a pretty nice view of Kokohead, so if you spend more time outdoors, it’s quite nice.

The interior has been upgraded with new paint, carpet, counters and appliances, so it’s bright inside with a modern-retro feel. Due to its location, it’s mildly breezy—especially through the spacious living room.

The layout enables the two bedrooms and one bath to maximize the square footage without feeling cramped. It’s not luxurious, but definitely cute.

Money talk: $578,000 fee simple
Contact: Constance Carr, East Oahu Realty, 808-396-2000,