Cute Ceramic Pendants Made With Aloha Will be Sold Exclusively at Olive & Oliver

Precious ceramic pendants From AHOLANYC.


The last time we tried to bake something was an absolute disaster. Let's just say we had our cake, but no one was tempted to eat it, too. In other words, it was a bunch of crock.


This time, we’re looking for different kinds of baked goods: ceramic jewelry, baked in a kiln.


And New York-based Michael Macko of AHOLANYC is our baker. Macko started cooking up his teeny ceramic wave pendants in April after being inspired by a sculptor’s pieces at the same time a craft studio opened in his neighborhood. A couple of tries at the kiln later and he had some stellar sea-inspired wave pendants perfect for accessorizing on his regular trips to Hawai‘i. After Parker Moosman, owner of Olive and Oliver Boutique at The Surfjack, spotted the stylish little sculptures, Macko began whipping up his beachy baubles to sell to locals.


Macko, who has been visiting Hawai‘i regularly for a decade, has a real love for the the Aloha State, and you can see it in the pieces he hand shapes, glazes and paints, including cheeky shakas. He’s also no stranger to the fashion business, having worked at Saks Fifth Avenue as the men’s fashion director, at Condé Nast as fashion director of DETAILS Magazine, and owning a consulting company that worked with Coach, Ascot Chang, John Bartlett and MR Magazine. Expect these little sculptures to have some real style: The wee waves often sport fun and funky details, such as cheery polka dots and contrasting color schemes. 


Things are firing up fast for Macko, who’s hard at work sculpting new pieces, getting his website up and running, prepping for an East Coast trunk show and making jewelry for a New York Men's Day fashion presentation next month. Meanwhile, in the 808, we’re considering our summer accessory needs met.


Feel free to throw in with us.


$90, Olive and Oliver Boutique, The Surfjack Hotel and Swim Club, 412 Lewers St.