Cut to the Lace

Image You’re late. You’re late not only for a very important date, you were tardy for tea (with a couple of characters who sure were mad), got a late start at that croquet game with a real card, and were delayed for jury duty with a couple of animals.

Ever since some bunny ran off with your pocket watch, you’ve been coming in second everywhere.

But the end is in sight now that you’ve stumbled upon timepieces perfect for trips to wonderhands.

Image Decoylab clocks' delicate designs are handcrafted for each order out of sustainable bamboo. Pulling on the Japanese art of kirie, or paper cutting, bamboo and contrasting layers of white acrylic are laser cut into whimsical bird, flower, and other shapes to suit any nature.

Kansas City-based founder Maiko Kuzunishi also creates fox, owl, and fawn brooches in bamboo or colorful acrylic to add punch to your pinafore.

So you’ll know just what to grab when you need to grin and wear it at that meeting with the disappearing cat.

And you’ll definitely be on time.

Decoylab clocks and brooches are available at Sugarcane Shop, 1137 11th Ave. Suite #101. Call 808.739.2263 or shop the entire collection of housewares on Decoylab’s website.