Custom T-shirts from Blank Canvas

Fit to Print

Nacho tee by Blank Canvas You have things to say. Important things.

Insightful comments on hot-button issues, like rush hour traffic. Loud next door neighbors. Kim Kardashian.

Sure, you broadcast your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter. But lately, you've been craving a bigger audience.

Like, oh, every person you pass on the street.

Sounds like you need a custom T-shirt from Blank Canvas.

The process is simple. You come in with a concept; anything from a simple phrase or photo (say from your wild night in Vegas) to an entire logo with graphics and text. If you're savvy enough, hand over your finished design in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Or, just bring in your raw images, tell the guys your vison and they'll lay it out for you.

Blank Canvas Then, pick out your shirt. Choose from brands like Alternative Apparel, American Apparel and Pima, in your favorite style, size and color. Just stay away from dark hues; they won't look good.

They'll load everything into a giant digital printer – FedEx Office has nothing on this beast – and five minutes later, you get a totally custom, machine-washable tee for as little as $10 plus the cost of the shirt.

Which really is a small price to pay to let the world know how witty you are. And, possibly, what you had for breakfast.

Because at last check, no one has figured out how to unfollow a shirt.

Custom T-shirts start at $22. Blank Canvas, 1145 Bethel St. For more information, email, visit Blank Canvas on Facebook or call (808) 780-4720.

T-shirt photo courtesy: Homecoming Boutique. Designed by Blank Canvas.