Curl Up in These Handmade Quilts Made from Vintage Saris

Each quilt is one-of-a-kind with details varying from artisan to artisan.
Handmade quilts
Photos: Ginny Boomer


Birthday presents.

Breakfast burritos.

Online shopping hauls.


Some of our favorite things involve unwrapping. So much so, we’re usually so busy getting to the goods inside that we’re tossing the wrap itself—until now. With these new upcycled blankets from Vintage Kantha Maui, it’s what’s on the outside that counts, and you’ll want to hold them close. Like, really close. We’re talking human-burrito-with-a-vintage-Kantha-for-a-tortilla close.


Snuggle factor aside, up close is where you’ll really be able to appreciate the details these handmade pieces have to offer. Owner Ginny Boomer fell in love with the intricate craftsmanship and unique details of each lovely quilt in the middle of gearing up to launch a budding bikini business. Bitten by the upcycling bug, she did a quick 180, snapping up the domain (stay tuned for the launch), establishing a connection with fair trade artisans in India, and securing retailers in the Islands.


It’s easy to see why Boomer fell so hard. Each one-of-a-kind quilt is made from vibrant vintage saris layered together via thousands of hand-sewn stitches, with techniques that change from artisan to artisan. Some pieces have elaborate square stitches, while other employ sleek straight stitches and still other sport intricate embroidered patterns. The end result is a riot of exotic bands of festive patterns and colors, with vivid shades, such as magenta or gold, alongside earth tones including washed olive and rich ochre. Oh, and the details: Fades, knicks or imperfections on the vintage saris make each quilt unique, but sweet little patches sewn over these bits by the eagle-eyed artisans add charm to the blanket’s already alluring story.


At just six months old, Boomer’s business has big plans for the future, including a website launch at the end of this month that will be announced on her Instagram, @vintagekantha, with a special offer. For now, you’ll find a selection of her gorgeous quilts at Sugarcane Shop.


Keep it under wraps? Not this news.


$150, available at Sugarcane Shop, 1137 11th Ave. Follow @vintagekantha for updates on the website launch!