Creative ways to show a house

Photo courtesy of Kainoa Lee, Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties

Last night, I went to a cluster of sunset broker’s open houses on Hawaii Loa Ridge, which was a change from the normal Wednesday and Sunday house-hunting ventures. It was kind of a cool way to showcase the homes, and especially the views.

Also, the homes were open at a time that the potential homeowners would be using it, since most people work during the day and use their homes in the evening.

One of the neat things about sunset opens is just that: seeing how the ambience of the home changes with the decreasing sunlight and colorful skies. Another neat thing — and I swear I didn’t plan this to tie into yesterday’s blog — is you sometimes get to meet some of the neighbors. Since sunset opens happen after work, the neighbors might stop by when they see the activity as they get home.

"The owners are such private people, I never got to see the inside of their house, even though our kids play together,” said one Hawaii Loa Ridge resident, as she poked her head in. “This was my only chance to take a look.”

Photo courtesy of Diane Ito, Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties

If you’d like to see a sunset open, I just found out about one tomorrow at 1505 Kalaepohaku Pl. The neighborhood, Chaminade Terrace, has underground wires so no telephone poles obstruct the home’s panoramic view. The realtor is having a wine tasting at the home from 6 to 8 p.m. to showcase the sunset and the view of the Waikiki fireworks from its gigantic deck.

“The home looks good in photos, but when people actually see it and realize how special the home and its view is, they’re blown away,” said Diane Ito, the realtor representing the property.

Photo courtesy of Diane Ito, Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties

This home, by the way, is under a million dollars and is a good value for the neighborhood, plus it’s two years old and has had only one tenant. There are three bedrooms and baths in its 1,992 square feet of living area, and a 3,261 square foot lot. Due to the underground wires, the streets are wide so there’s lots of street parking for guests.

Even if you can’t make it to the sunset event, it will be open this Sunday from 2 to 5 p.m. It’s probably not the same, though!

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