Cream of the Crop

From Hollywood film stars to the cast of Lost, celebrity spotting is an easy pastime in Hawaii.

But there’s a new beauty superstar in town, hiding out at a local hangout in Kahala.

No, it’s not an A-list actress — it’s the body butter from the fragrance beauty line Kai.

The line’s signature breezy gardenia scent and Hawaii-inspired name have made Kai’s luxurious lotions, body washes and candles cult favorites of celebs like Charlize Theron and Jennifer Garner.

But it’s the ultra-rich, shea-butter soufflé that is the line’s real luminary. Just a little bit of butter banishes parched elbows and soothes sun-burnished skin, leaving lots to spare.

With a starring role on Oprah’s most recent list of favorite things, Kai Body Butter has a lot more fans lately, making it harder than ever to find.

And like many stars do while on Oahu, Kai Body Butter is keeping a low profile — its only appearance is at Shasa Emporium. Find it there while it lasts.

Available at Shasa Emporium, Kahala Mall, 808.735.5122.