Counter Intelligence 
There was that night you watched a western instead of a chick flick just to please your ex. And the time you settled for on-sale brown flats instead of sexy stilettos.

Fine, but your compromises stop when it comes to food. Harry can call you high maintenance all he wants, but this Sally wants to eat what she wants, just the way she likes it.

Thank god someone finally understands. Just opened yesterday next to Kahala’s Whole Foods, the Counter Burger gives your desires free reign. The new-to-Hawai‘i burger concept, owned by Sansei’s DK Kodama and Lost’s Daniel Dae Kim, gives you 312,000 possible burger combinations. Create your own personal favorite from three sizes of humane-raised and grain-fed Angus beef (as well as veggie, seafood, chicken and turkey burgers), 10 cheeses (herb goat cheese anyone?), and loads of toppings (fried egg or fresh guac?), sauces (mmm peanut sauce—on the side) and breads (pretzel roll!).

So slip into their full-service, retro-industrial dining room, munch on signature fried pickle chips, and choose away. Your “hold the mayo, SOS, warm tomato, light toasted bun” mantra will no longer seem ultra picky (or crazy).

Your only concession? Eating one bite at a time.

The Counter Burger, Kahala Mall, 4211 Waialae Ave., Honolulu. 808.739.5100.