Cory Labang's graphic new clutches

Clutch Hit

Cory Labang clutches

It may be April Fool's Day, but these new clutches by Cory Labang are no joke.

The Lanai designer known for crafting bright bags out of vintage Hawaiian fabric is expanding into bold, new territory: bags that showcase her own photography.

Labang's trick of the trade? Her trusty iPhone, which she used to snap shots of orchids, the ocean, even herself. A handy app transforms them into stunning, almost unrecognizable patterns that are printed onto fabric and stitched into fresh, graphic clutches.

Cory Labang clutches

Similar to her previous styles, each bag sports a tasseled zipper, metal kisslock or bowtie closure with vintage fabric lining and pockets. The big difference is that the designs, while just as eye-catching, are now borderline psychedelic – something a psychiatrist might hold up while asking, "Now, what do you see?" (Our answer: a blend of Alexander McQueen and Topshop.)

Seriously, when it comes to stylish accessories, these clutches don't fool around.

$14-$125 based on size. Due to limited fabric, clutches are only available at Cory Labang's Lanai City studio, 431 7th St., Suite A, with a small selection on Etsy. Contact her via email or Facebook for more information or orders. Photos by Cory Labang.