Cookin' It Old School

Ah, summer school. Sweating in polyester P.E. shorts, faking your way through typing class, then waiting for the bus and dazzling cute Scottie Kim with like the best Slurpee flavor mix, like ever created.

Relive those days at KCC’s series of day-long summer school cooking classes, where personal chefs Alyssa Moreau and Leslie Ashburn will teach you how to prepare tasty new dishes while also imparting a pinch of nutritional education.

Summer kicks off June 7 with What a Girl Needs – recipes that enrich women’s health and deliver essential calcium and iron, even if you’re vegetarian, vegan or lactose-intolerant. Then you can learn to make reduced calorie Slimming Summer Dishes that still leave you full and satisfied, Guilt-Free Treats like chocolate cake and berry kanten that are vegan and made from unrefined ingredients, classic Light and Local dishes turned waistline-friendly, and Cooking with a DASH of Aloha – based on Moreau’s new cookbook, with farm fresh, no fat- or salt-added, local-flavor recipes designed to help lower the risk of hypertension.

Sign up now and start bringing more than your memories back to younger, healthier days.

Then after school you can like totally impress everyone with your mad culinary skills.

Kapi‘ olani Community College Summer Cooking Classes course schedule and advance sign up is online here.