Constant Saving

www.leichic.comBetween your luxury retail connection, the bartender who’s taken a shine to you, and that barista who super-sizes your coffee for free, it’s easy to live the mantra never pay retail – on land, anyway. But spending hours online checking Retailmenot and stalking mainland price cuts on, say, those adorable Farylrobin wedges, isn’t shrewd bargain hunting – it’s kind of OCD.

So stop obsessing and let Savvy Circle technology stalk those online bargains for you. A little piece of magic devised by three siblings and Punahou grads, Jon, Kristin and Kara Sugihara, Savvy Circle ’s website allows you store a list of coveted goods available from selected online shopping sites, and then send you an email the instant an item goes on sale with the new price and product link.

Though they launched just a few months ago, there are more than 100 shopping sites to choose from (no Hawai‘i-only retailers though), so you may find more must-haves while browsing their “Where to Shop” pages. If your fave store isn’t listed, request it, though the selection criteria are the Sugiharas’ secret.

Now you can feel really proud when you score those shoes for less without all the work.

Just be careful to not let it become a new compulsion.

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