Consolidated Kāhala Theatres Will Close Dec. 2 through Spring 2020

Catch one last movie this holiday weekend at Kāhala Mall before the renovations.

kahala movie theater

Photos: Courtesy of Consolidated Theatres


Consolidated Theatres’ Kāhala location will close Dec. 2 for renovation of the eight-screen complex with a planned reopening in spring 2020.


Parent company Reading International Inc. announced that the Kāhala Mall theaters will still have eight auditoriums but convert to recliner seating, get an interior space makeover, and a new state-of-the-art kitchen to offer “a chef-curated food and drink menu.”


kahala movie theater


The theaters, built in 1986, show a mix of artsy, wide-release and family-friendly films. In 2006, the complex closed for several months after heavy rains flooded the building and caused extensive damage. 


From now until the last shows Dec. 1, Consolidated plans to donate a portion of the revenue from concession stands to benefit nearby Kalani High School.


A news release indicates more details are expected in the coming months but employees will be transferred so no jobs will be lost. 


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