Complete Rubbish

www.leichic.comIt’s a guilty pleasure, reading celebrity tabloids and Cosmo. But once you’re caught up on Brangelina and Britney, and clued in on 100 more ways to please your man, don’t toss the trashy mags in the rubbish.

All your magazines – as well as catalogs, glossy junk mail, old paperback books and phone books – can be recycled, even though the city’s curbside program and elementary school bins don’t take them.

Pack the car and take all that paper to Hagadone Printing on Pu‘uhale Road. Unload it all into the bins in the parking lot, the only place on the island that accepts magazines and glossy paper to process for recycling.

All those previously un-recyclable slick pages will be shredded, bundled, and sent to one of several paper mills around the Pacific. It’s pulped and pressed into fresh rolls of 30-percent post-consumer content paper, a lot of which Hagadone buys back to use in its local printing jobs.

So you can feel better about filling your mind with gossipy garbage.
As long as you don’t add it to the landfill.

Magazine recycling bins are at Hagadone Printing, 274 Pu‘uhale Road, Honolulu. For more information, call 808.852.6348.