Comic Look

Lei Chic Scene: Super Style's haute-quarters, location unknown. Our heroine receives an urgent SOS text from a diva in distress. Trapped in a fashion rut! About to be overwhelmed! Pls hurry!!

Super Style springs into the store, spies her arch nemeses, evil twins Plain and Boring, and pulls out her secret weapon: a JumpFromPaper bag.

POP! It hits them with a burst of color. POW! Its cartoon-like shape stuns them into submission. BAM! The two-dimensional illusion knocks them senseless.

Super Style: "With JumpFromPaper on your shoulder, you won't get any more trouble from these two. Use the expandable zippered bottom to carry all your essentials, even a small laptop."

Lei ChicGrateful Diva: "Thanks, Super Style! But wait, how do I find you again?"

Super Style: "At the Honolulu Museum of Art store. I'll be stocking up on playful styles like Play Hooky, a sky blue messenger bag, First Date, a bright pink satchel, and Tank, a grey duffel. If you run into any more dirty characters, don't worry; just wipe those smudges off with soapy water."

And so our heroine takes off, ready to save another shopper from the evil clutches of bad style.

Now that's one super Chic.

JumpFromPaper bags, $95 and up, are available at the Honolulu Museum of Art, 900 S. Beretania St. Admission to the shop is free. Call (808) 532-8700 or click here for more information.