Cold beer here: Bar 35 unveils Beer Below Zero technology

Photo: Courtesy Beer Below Zero Hawaii

Beer Below Zero, a company based in Manila, had a dream: To make the Philippines known as the country serving the world’s coldest beers. To do that, the group of beer connoisseurs and bar owners tweaked the standard chest freezer to create a device that’s designed to bring beer almost to the freezing point, for the frostiest brew possible.

After just two years, they’re cooling off the Philippines and now are ready to colonize bars around the world. First was Guam, now Bar 35 in Chinatown unveils Honolulu’s first Beer Below Zero this First Friday—becoming the first venue in the U.S. to use the technology.

According to the company’s website, beers come out between 14˚F and 21.2˚F, depending on the beer. So yeah, that “zero” is a Celsius zero. Here in Honolulu, it should be called Beer Below 32—the freezing point in Fahrenheit. Anway, Beer Below Zero isn’t just a matter of sticking bottles in the freezer—the bartender needs to follow a system of shuffling them around, keeping them at their optimum, coldest temperature.

What is Bar 35 stocking in their new toy? You can chug icy Heineken, Corona, Blue Moon and Samuel Adams Octoberfest for $5.50 a pop. You might want to bring mittens.

Bar 35, 35 N Hotel St. between Smith Street and Nuuanu Avenue, 537-3535.