Coconut carvings shine in local jewelry line

Ahead of the Carve

Lei Chic
Photo courtesy: Jake Johnson

Whoa. Last night's season premiere of Downton Abbey was a real doozy.

The Grantham family came dangerously close to financial ruin, Cora's mother put the entire house on edge, and (yay!) Mary and Matthew finally made it down the aisle.

Seriously, what will the Brits think up next?

Cute jewelry, for starters. As in natural, carved pieces by England native-turned-Kailua resident Alina Bwy.

The 28-year-old saws most of her designs out of a coconut shell, then gives them a thorough sanding to remove the husk and add polish. In a matter of hours, the once ordinary shell is transformed into simple, yet stunning pieces of jewelry.

Lei Chic

Slip on a soaring bird necklace or hang beautifully-patterned triangles from your ears. You'll look simply divine, whether you're heading to the market or out to dinner.

Looking for something with a little more bite? Hook a pair of real shark's tooth hoop earrings, which Bwy solders and hammers herself (the teeth come from a friend who worked on a fishing boat).

You might call Bwy's work a merging of cultures. She gained an appreciation for woodworking while attending high school in Brighton, England. Then, a six-month sailing voyage through the south Pacific opened her eyes to the beauty of raw materials and unique crafting techniques. She's been making jewelry ever since.

It's amazing what a trip across the pond can do.

$15-$45, available at Maya Bella Boutique, 35 Kainehe St., #105, (808) 262-3300.